Gambling addiction centers ontario

Gambling addiction centers ontario south coast resort and casino

When gambling or technology use is problematic people typically have difficulties in various parts of their lives such as relationships with family or friends, school achievement, finances or work. People with gambling problems are found in all age groups, income groups, cultures and jobs.

In addition, telephone counselling and a self-help guide are also available. This may include taking a break from gambling. Click here if your work involves helping people with gambling or technology concerns. Mobile App also available. Examples may include provincial initiatives geared at specific populations, data collection initiatives, or research activities. What you need to do NOW to regain control of lntario life Dealing with the stress and problems created by the problem behaviour Building new coping skills and strategies to limit dependence on the problem behaviour, and to enhance your life and well-being Our services include:

We offer hope and recovery to problem gamblers through our intensive problem gambling addiction treatment program counselling. Call us for help. Credit and debt counselling services, family counselling and other resources may also be helpful. The Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline can link people to the. A structured, scheduled program of treatment activities typically provided five the individual in developing skills to manage substance abuse/gambling and.

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